Agricultural areas are part of the mosaic of the landscape and play an important role in various ways: they generate income, they contribute to passive forest fire prevention, and they create and maintain a diversity of habitats and hence plant and animal species.

The overall aim of the Farming and Livestock Plan is to promote the revival of agricultural and animal husbandry practices and operations, as well as their growth in a prudent manner that is compatible with the protection of the natural space and which helps to preserve the landscape and environmental quality of the park.

The plan establishes the guidelines for co-ordinating the strategy for farming and livestock in this supramunicipal territory while respecting the conditions of the context and the outstanding physical and environmental characteristics of the Collserola mountains. This will make it possible to arrive at a suitable approach in order to eradicate marginality and to foster economically viable and environmentally sustainable agriculture that is integrated into the landscape and the natural surroundings.


Farming and livestock management in the Collserola Natural Park is focused on the following areas of work:

Consolidating surface area

Consolidating the amount of land given over to farming, preventing fields from being abandoned and bringing back into use former fields that are now uncultivated.

Organic agriculture

Pointing farmers towards agricultural methods that safeguard the environment and, ultimately, to organic agriculture.


Improving vegetable garden and orchard areas.


Boosting controlled grazing.

Livestock operations

Providing the support required to ensure livestock operations are properly run and to point them towards organic farming methods.


Promoting a marketing and awareness-raising network. PRODUCT OF COLLSEROLA seal of quality.

Local varieties

Encouraging the revival of traditional varieties and local breeds.

Stone shacks

Cataloguing the stone shacks, drovers’ paths and other related elements in order to safeguard the traditional agricultural heritage.

Promotion of the agro-ecological transition in the Park

The project “Promotion of the Agroecological Transition in Collserola” aims to:

  • Promote fair and sustainable local food systems
  • The reactivation of agricultural activity in the area of influence of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park.
Marca de Garantia producte de Collserola
Seal of Quality

Collserola’s Seal of Quality is a hallmark of agri-food products of quality, proximity, guarantee, territory, identity and season that are produced in the territorial area of the Natural Park. The main products are:

  • Honey
  • Lamb
  • Tangerine
  • “Mandó” tomato
Catàleg de la Pagesia
Farmers catalog

In the Natural Park of the Serra de Collserola, a wide variety of quality food products are produced and elaborated. The aim of this catalog is to publicize and value the food products of Collserola, as well as the peasantry that produces them, and raise awareness about the importance of agricultural activity for the maintenance of ecological, economic and social sustainability of the Natural Park.

Farmers Map