Many of the environmental and social benefits that the Collserola Natural Park offers us often goes unnoticed … Do you want to discover them?
Crops and pastures raise biodiversity and maintain an active agricultural sector

Did you know…

Collserola’s crops and pastures increase biodiversity, are essential for forest fire management and maintain an active agricultural sector. In Collserola, there are more than 250 hectares of crops and the area grows every year as old cultivation terraces are gradually being recovered. 3 out of 4 farmers in the Park make organic and local production. Some products, such as tomato, lamb, mandarins and honey also have their own quality brand #ProductedeCollserola as they are traditional agricultural livestock varieties. The farmers of the Park as well as the orchards, crops and pastures they manage in Collserola are a Vital Benefit!


Collserola is a Natural Park with many environmental and social benefits, for this reason it is vital to respect the advice and regulations to preserve it:

  • Respect the crops fields
  • Do not go near the bee apiaries
  • Always have your dog on a leash to ensure the safety of the herds
  • Choose organic and local products

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