Access to information is a basic tool. The CDRE is a support service for the management of Collserola, which emphasizes the dissemination of pedagogical resources generated by the natural park itself. The work is structured in the following areas: documentation, educational resources and coordination with other documentation centers.


General operation

The Center for Documentation and Educational Resources (CDRE) has been in operation since September 1993. It is an information and documentation service to deepen in Collserola’s knowledge and research and in environmental education in general. His fund has about 8,000 documents, and has a loan and consultation service.
The use of the center implies the acceptance of its regulation.


  • Personalized attention – The CDRE attends different types of consultations, such as information and advice to prepare activities for the mountain range, or to prepare studies and investigations, etc.
  • Consult – Consults in the documentary fund room.
  • Loan – Loan of most of the documentary fund, during periods of 15 days extendable. It is necessary to present the DNI or other supporting documentation and fill out the loan sheet. It is a free service, except for itinerant exhibitions or non-presential loans. In the latter case, the user assumes the shipping costs of the loan documentation.

Timetable and access


The CDRE is located in the second floor of Can Coll CEA. Cerdanyola to Horta Road km. 2
It is open on weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm, except August. The visit to the center must be arranged beforehand.

Phone number: 93 692 29 16

Fax: 93 580 76 54

Postal adress:

Crtra. Cerdanyola a Horta Km.2
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès