Many of the environmental and social benefits that the Collserola Natural Park offers us often goes unnoticed… Do you want to discover them?
Vegetation covers soften ambient temperatures, stops wind, and increases ambient humidity

Did you know…

Collserola greatly improves the habitability of Barcelona and metropolitan urban environments in the scenario of climate change and global warming. Vegetation helps to create more pleasant microclimates especially in summer when conditions are more extreme and heat wave episodes occur. Thanks to the shade effect, it reduces the temperature and evapotranspiration that increases the ambient humidity.
Collserola forest and its micro climates are Vital!


Collserola is a Natural Park with many environmental and social benefits, for this reason it is vital to respect the advice and regulations to preserve it:

  • The risk of forest fires is very high in Collserola!
    It is forbidden to have barbecues or create fires outside the allowed spaces or periods of time.

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