Many of the environmental and social benefits that the Collserola Natural Park offers us often goes unnoticed … Do you want to discover them?
A nearby space for learning and participation in nature protection and sustainability

Did you know…

Collserola is a place of education in building sensivity towards the preservation of nature. Each year the park welcomes 35,000 visitors to its information centers and 16,000 students who participate in more than 40 environmental education programs for schools and entities. In addition, the park creates collaborates with citizens; there are about 2,300 people collaborating in active participation programs.

The nature of Collserola is a Vital Benefit, conserving the Natural Park is everyone’s responsibility!


Collserola is a Natural Park with many environmental and social benefits, for this reason it is vital to respect the advice and regulations to preserve it:

  • Check the schedule of activities for multiple ways to enjoy the Natural Park
  • Come by foot or by bicycle or public transport
  • Take the garbage you generate and use the labeled recycling bins.


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