Many of the environmental and social benefits that the Collserola Natural Park offers us often goes unnoticed… Do you want to discover them?
A living layer that must be protected from erosion

Did you know…

The soil of Collserola is the organic basis that sustains life here. Plants protect soil from erosion and infertility. Continued people and vehicle traffic causes erosion and soil loss. The Park receives more than 6 million visits every year with areas of high attendance and overcrowding. Preventing soil erosion is key to ensuring nutrient storage and recirculation. Although we don’t normally see the soil and subsoil of Collserola when walking through the Park, it develops a vital ecosystem function!


Collserola is a Natural Park with many environmental and social benefits, for this reason it is vital to respect the advice and regulations to preserve it:

  • By bike or on horseback, go on marked paths and tracks more than 3 meters wide, avoid non-marked paths.
  • Walk along marked trails, follow them and do not make shortcuts

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