Castell de Torre Baró

MUNICIPI: Barcelona

Built before 1930, the year when the building appears on the standard of the patron saint of the neighbourhood of Santa Engràcia. The first reference to Torre Baró dates from 1339, when it was owned by Guillern of Argentona

In 1714, the Bourbon troops demolished the tower, then owned by Baron Bernat de Planós. A second tower was erected in 1797 which, despite being listed in the city council’s inventory of historical buildings, was demolished in 1968 to allow Avinguda Meridiana to be extended. In the late 19th century, the Sivatte family purchased the Torre Baró lands, including the mountains of Les Roquetes. Some believe that Manuel Sivatte i Llopart constructed the building as a place where his sick daughter could rest and enjoy the beneficial climate here. She died before the works were completed and so the building was left unfinished. According to others, however, the project was set in motion by the Compañia Urbanizadora de las alturas del noroeste de Horta, a development company of which Manuel Sivatte was a member of the board of directors. The aim of the project was to develop the area of Les Roquetes or the Sierra de los Pinares and to build a hotel at the centre of the future development. This hotel was known as Torre Baró or Torre d’en Sivatte.