Many of the environmental and social benefits that the Collserola Natural Park offers us often goes unnoticed … Do you want to discover them?
Direct and calm contact with nature has multiple physical and emotional benefits

Did you know…

Spaces of tranquility, such as Collserola forests, improve the integral health of people and their quality of life. The Park provides 5 spaces called “Islands of tranquility” with half the noise of urban spaces. Its total area is 2,494 hectares. The Park has 17 viewpoints and 336 kilometers of signposted trails where you can practice outdoor activities and peacefully coexist with other users. The forests and landscapes of Collserola better our well-being and health; these are Vital Benefits!


Collserola is a Natural Park with many environmental and social benefits, for this reason it is vital to respect the advice and regulations to preserve it:

  • Avoid loud noises and screaming/shouting
  • There are 336 km of marked trails, follow them and do not make shortcuts.
  • The cycling network is made up of 282 km where the maximum speed limit is 20km/h

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